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About Us

Our company, First Comes Love, was started by a NICU Registered Nurse located on Long Island, NY. This company was started in order to help educate families before they bring home their new babies. She realized many parents may take the old and outdated hospital classes or they may not even take a class at all. Being a new mom and a nurse herself, she wanted to bring a change to how information is given to new parents. 

First Comes Love provides a realistic, straight forward approach to make sure you are adequately prepared to handle your newborn with ease. We even come to your house for the classes and services because let’s face it, you’re pregnant and we know you don’t want to go anywhere! 


These are refreshing, energetic classes that provide you with important information that you may not have known before to keep your baby safe and allow you to feel prepared. Throughout our classes, we don’t sugar coat and make everything seem perfect and wonderful. We warn you about the sleepless nights and dirty diapers but we teach you the best ways to manage those.  At FCL, we understand that this is your child and we simply want to help prepare you so that you can make the best decisions for your family.


After your baby is born, we are also available to give you an extra hand during the day at home while you heal or at night to help you and dad get some extra sleep. We will be with you every step of the way and we won’t rest until your family feels confident and ready. Message us today to receive information and to set up your in-home prenatal class or newborn service!



Caring for your Newborn


Infant/Child CPR & Choking

Basic First Aid


Registry Help

Rest peacefully while a nurse handles the overnight feedings  and diaper changes for you

Take some quiet time for yourself during the day. Let us take care of your baby for a few hours


Company Reviews

"As the reality of becoming a new mother started to set in, I started to seek out some help to calm my nerves. FCL was exactly what I needed! I learned everything I needed to know about infant care without leaving my house, which was the best part. The classes were personal and informative and I will absolutely be recommending to all my expecting friends."


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