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Caring for your Newborn- $125 per couple

This 2-hour class will help you prepare for parenthood and teach you the important things in a refreshing manner. During the class, we paint a realistic picture for you about your newborn and provide tips to get through those possible and very likely, sleepless nights. You will be learning:

  • What to expect in the hospital

  • Newborn daily "Survival" techniques

  • Bathing and Diapering a Newborn (Hands-on)

  • How to do a proper swaddle/sleep sack (Hands-on)

  • Steps to calm to a crying infant

  • Car Seat Tips, Safe Sleep and Infant Safety

  • and a lot more.

We will be working hands-on with dolls to help you master the skills needed so you can be comfortable before your own child gets here. Throughout the class, we will even be recommending important items that should go on your registry and some things you can probably do without. You will absolutely have fun in this class and the information will be simplified and memorable. 

Infant CPR/Choking & First Aid- $125 per couple
*contact us for our larger group rate

This 2 hour "Family & Friends CPR" class covers content based on the American Heart Association. This is recommended for parents, grandparents, babysitters or family members who want to learn basic life-saving techniques for babes, children, and even adults! Although informational, this class does not provide a certification needed for work. We will be working hands-on with manikins to help cover the content. We will cover:

  • Infant/Child CPR - *Primary Focus

  • Infant/Child Choking- *Primary Focus

  • Adult CPR/Choking

  • First AId- Cuts/Wounds, Burns, Head Injuries, Water Safety & More

  • Child Proofing


Book this important class today! Invite your parents and friends and make it a CPR party!

(We watch The Office!)

Breastfeeding Q & A with a short video- $50

Add this Breastfeeding Q &A option onto one of the above Newborn classes. We will watch a  15-minute breastfeeding video together that will show breastfeeding techniques and problematic breastfeeding with how to correct some issues.  You then can ask us any questions that you've wanted to know. We will discuss:

  • Breastfeeding & a good latch position

  • How to tell if you're baby is feeding enough

  • How your partner can help you

  • Alcohol and Safe Medication use

  • How to use your pump

  • Pumping and Storing Milk


Book this today to learn more about Breastfeeding and if it's the right fit for your family!

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