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Newborn Daytime Services

This service is perfect for those first few weeks home with your newborn when you are overwhelmed and need an extra hand. This service also comes in handy because frequently, dad's do not receive an adequate amount of paternity time. 


A Registered Nurse will come to your home for a few hours and give you that much-needed break or help. We will take care of the baby, bottle feed or bring to you to feed, change diapers, and snuggle so you can relax knowing your baby is in great hands. We can also just spend a few hours with you and the baby and help you get used to proper feeding, burping or giving a bath. Our service is perfect for you if you just want to take a nap too! No shame, sometimes new moms just need a nap. Remember, you're body is recovering for 6 weeks, if not longer, after delivering. So book us to get that much deserved break, to help you be an even better Mama!

Newborn Overnight Services (8 hour blocks)

This overnight service is from about 10pm- 6am (timing is flexible) and we will take care of your baby so you can SLEEP!!! 


If you are pumping or giving formula, you won't hear from us for 8 hours as we have everything we need. If you are breastfeeding, we do need you a little bit but we will simply bring you the baby to nurse. Then we take him/her back to swaddle, change their diaper and sing them back to sleep. We stay awake the entire time and we are trained overnight Registered Nurses who have experience with staying up overnight. You will wake up refreshed and ready to take care of your baby the next day. Contact us to book this incredible service!

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